Extra Tips & Advice

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Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre – venue for The Pokémon Oceania International Championships 2020

Hotels and Accommodation

There are a few hotels around MCEC, such as the Crowne Plaza, Novotel Melbourne South Wharf, and WRAP on Southbank. If you’re looking to keep the costs low, there are a large number of backpackers and hostel accommodations right in the heart of Melbourne. Many international travelers stay at the YHA Hotels located in Melbourne City and Southbank which are within a stone’s throw of MCEC. There are many more cheap accommodation options, including the Nomads Hostels, Great Southern Hotel, and many more.

If you want to check for deals or compare other hotels that are a little further out, look up Booking.com and Trivago. There are a lot of great deals on there from time to time, and cover hotels that we’ve missed here.

Map showing the venue, MCEC, and surrounding hotels

Flights and Australian VISAs

For VISA information, click here

MAKE SURE you have your visa information sorted so you can actually get into the country! A VISA is a requirement of the Australian Government to enter the country. Please make sure you have your VISA fully approved before you land in Australia.

Australian Pokémon Groups

There are many groups dedicated to Pokémon in Australia – TCG and VGC. If you want to talk to any players or see if there are any events or meetups planned around your stay, we suggest you join any of the below groups. All of these groups have helpful members of the community.

Extra Activities

If you’re visiting for a few days extra and would like to see the sights and sounds of the Melbourne Area, you can check out some of the following family friendly activities:

Miscellaneous Info

  • Tax is included in price tags when purchasing anything, and we don’t tip our waiter/hospitality staff at restaurants. Some places have tip jars, but it’s not standard etiquette so don’t feel bad for not tipping. It’s worth noting that our cost of living is a little higher than what you may be used to, and this is due to Australia having a higher/set minimum wage.
  • Australia uses Type I power plugs and our ports produce higher voltage than a lot of places – make sure you get a power converter if needed so your devices don’t get fried! 
  • We drive on the left side of the road.
  • Taking an Uber is legal in all areas of Australia.

Emergency & Important Numbers


If you require emergency assistance, call the number above and state police, fire emergency or ambulance and you will be put through to the correct emergency personnel. It’s important to only use the emergency numbers in real emergency situations.  A non-emergency call may risk the lives of real emergency victims.

Additionally, keep Crimestoppers info on hand too – https://crimestoppersvic.com.au/contact/

To Report a crime to Crimestoppers; 1800 333 000

If you are a victim of a crime; 131 444

Other important numbers:

131 126 – Poisons Information Centre [24 hours]

136 169 – Care: 24 hour counselling service.

131 114 – Life Line: 24 hour personal crisis service.

1800 800 007 – Public Transport Victoria help line – if you get lost and need help, or need to report a fault/injury on transport.


To find a foreign embassy in Australia please go to the Depart of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Further Information

For further information please see the FAQ’s